About Us

Our Service:

-         Our daily operation houre start from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm

-     Our Coffee shop & pub have been providing best quality of products and best service and the spirit,  offers free for reading people to promote reading for young generation, to make relationship with friends and connecting them through a meeting at a coffee shop, a discussion group, an appointment place for business talking, sharing experience each other to create the strength of friendship.

-  Moreover, our store has Wi-Fi accesspiont for customers in the researching by using air-conditioning systems, which make customers feel refreshed and reduce their stress.

-       In particular, our cafe has combined with Cool Sense Spa to proved the service refreshing head & shoulder or foot massage 


-         We sharing our profit to local student in rural area to have bicycles to continue secondary school and encourage young girl willing to be entrepreneur to make more job in our country in future


-       The Shape Coffee is operating by young girl who dream to make own business and more job to local our goal is improve local economic

-         Promote local business especially young entrepreneur

-         Build a local brand of coffee to meet real taste of coffee lover to compete in market



-   Develop young generation at countryside by provide work to them and also support them to study

Shape Coffee:       Shape Coffee is new styles of coffee that combined 3 tastes of coffee and life,

-         Innovation

-         Encourage

-         Love


-      Style

-      Heart

-      Active

-      Popular

-      Entrepreneur